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2021-09-28 08:22:18 来源:本站原创

Alumni Donated for the Centennial Anniversary

On the centennial anniversary of Hebei University, alumni from all over the world have sent blessings and gifts to celebrate it.

Alumni from Tianjin carefully compiled the centennial commemorative album of "Centennial Hebei University Creates Greater Glories" and donated 350 copies to our school; Alumni from Beijing coordinated the Beijing and Hebei enterprise Chamber of Commerce to donate 300,000 RMB poverty alleviation funds and 300,000 RMB western volunteer start-up funds, and donated 300 sets of "Centennial Anniversary of Hebei University" advanced custom-made paper weights to their alma mater. In addition, Hebei University also received a large number of donations in the personal name of alumni to contribute to the construction of the school.

The blessings of alumni are full of gratitude for the alma mater. For the school, the donation is not only a valuable wealth, but also the sincere and true affection of students to the alma mater, the full support for the school's education and the glorious reputation added to the school.

We express our heart-felt gratitude and respect to our alumni, alumni enterprises, friends, teachers and students from all walks of life.