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“Cloud HBU” is Online! @Global Alumni, Hebei University Invites You to Meet on the Cloud!


Source: the Great Wall News (Liu Lanlan) Hebei University is to celebrate its centennial on October 18, 2021. HBU is to hold a series of forums and commemorative activities with the theme of “striving in the new era with continuous streak”, so as to comprehensively summarize school running achievements, maintain good alumni friendship, draw a development blueprint, and then start a new journey from a new historical starting point.

On October 12, the “Cloud HBU” platform jointly developed by Hebei University and the Great Wall New Media Group was launched simultaneously on HBU’s WeChat official account and Cloud Hebei·Media Convergence platform. Hebei University affectionately invited 400,000 alumni at home and abroad, school teachers and students and people from all walks of life who care about the development of HBU to participate in the celebration activities through the “Cloud HBU” platform to celebrate its centennial birthday.

The “Cloud HBU” platform includes several system modules such as “lighting up the world”, “cloud check-in” and “cloud visiting HBU”. Here, you can enter the college to interact with teachers and students, send your affectionate wishes to 100-year-old HBU, take group photos in the history museum, library, Yuxiu Garden and other internet-famous places and forward to your friends...... The technical products full of interaction and participation create a cloud experience of this centennial university where the sound of music and singing never ends, and where the students are distributed all over the country.

Scan the QR code and enter the “Cloud HBU” platform.

Fill in the information on this page and you can find your department and major.

You can enter the “Cloud HBU” platform by scanning the QR code, and fill in the “alumni record” through the “cloud check-in” entrance, then send blessings to the “lighting up the world” of Hebei University.

Alumni can gather with their alma mater cloud through various system modules of the “Cloud HBU” platform.

Click the “send blessings” button to send blessings to your alma mater. In the “my college” section, alumni automatically enter the corresponding college page according to the registration information when logging in to the platform. Therefore, you can chat with old classmates you haven’t seen for a long time. HBU also specially arranged the “anniversary assistant” to introduce the intimate arrangements during the centennial celebration to alumni.

Here, all alumni can write down your blessings to your alma mater.

In addition to “cloud check-in” and “lighting up the world”, you can also check in the “cloud visiting HBU” section. Click the “cloud visiting HBU” section, browse the campus scene through VR, and you can deeply understand the development and changes of Hebei University through voice introduction. You can find the teaching building where you once attended classes, see a corner of the campus where you once lived, and choose the scene you like to take a “cloud photo” to generate a centennial commemorative poster of HBU jointly signed by Guo Jian, Secretary of the Party committee of Hebei University and Kang Le, President of Hebei University.

Through VR technology, you can see the development and changes of your alma mater in the cloud and choose your favorite scene to “check in as a commemoration”.

After completing “cloud check-in”, you can also generate posters to share with your friends.

At the same time, the “Cloud HBU” also integrates the dynamic reports of multiple platforms, actively presents the profound history and cultural innovation of Hebei University in the past century, comprehensively shows the school life, celebration dynamics, discipline construction and post achievements of teachers and students, and gathers the strong amount of innovation leadership.

Now, the “Cloud HBU” platform has been officially launched. Alumni of Hebei University and people from all walks of life who care about the development of Hebei University, come on to get together in the cloud!

Scan the QR code below and enter the “Cloud HBU” platform.


scan the code and enter the “HBU Cloud”